Olive Spread & Tapenade

Here the secret of our olive paste so thin and unctuous!
The olive paste of Nice is crafted with 100% olive cailletier of our Domain.
Olive paste is often confused with tapenade. Tapenade contains at least some capers and anchovies.  You understood, it is a completely different product.

 The olives used for the olive spread are prepared as our traditional olives of table. The olives are crushed and only the pulp is kept. Core, skin and pedicel are all removed. After potting, the pulp is pasteurized. No additiveno chemical are used for extraction or for conservation.

Development process of the olive paste :

  • only cailletier olives (olives of Nice) are used.
  • at least 4 months in salt water, brine
  • they are crushed
  • the skin is removed with a sieve. Only pulp remains.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is added.
  • Potting
  • Pasteurization


Once the jar open, it keeps very well in the refrigerator door several months ... if you hold so far !