Olive Trees of the Domain



On the hills above Nice, the Domain lies between 150 and 450 meters of altitude. 1200 olive trees enjoy our sunshine.

More than 700 feet are multi-centenaries or even millennia for some.

.The vast majority of olive trees are "cailletier". It is with great pride, humility and work that  for 3 generations our family takes care of trees. Despite its ages, the olive trees have an extraordinary vitality. Since many decades, they have drawn their minerals deep in the ground for us to offer superior quality olives.


If the olive trees generally have short roots, the cailletier tree has to adapt to rocky land and its roots run deep in soil in search of water. Our trees benefit of a very rich soil.
Day to day we take care about our olive trees :
  • watering only if needed, after observation.
  • a good cut to lighten the structure of the olive tree.
  • composting of branches.
  • a harvest spread from November to April.
  • cutting plant on the ground
  • restoration of stone walls, destroyed by storms and wild boars.